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Forever Crown’s™ produced outcomes of achievements for many patients, and it still continues to do so. If any issues come up while you are wearing the crown, our dental clinic 75209 can create a new custom one for you. If you do come for your annual x-ray, exam, and cleaning, then we can persistently carry on to reconstruct your forever crown if you need it, for free! In comparison to different dentists that can only guarantee their work for only up to 4 years, we can guarantee our patients for life.

About The Forever Crown
Doctor Bryan Countryman


Whenever the time comes when your oral hygiene begins to go downhill, you tend to prefer to opt to a dentist that is experienced, understanding, and knowledgeable. Dr. Bryan Countryman is an idol to many whose personality fits into all the attributes of one. He has a vision to have everyone on earth with perfect smiles on their faces. But not only he believes in this dream, the entirety of his staff do so as well, and under his guidance they are bound to achieve this through providing the highest quality dental care services in Dallas.

Exam, X-ray, Cleaning $39


Anytime our patient’s oral care isn't covered through insurance, our dental office 75209 has a marvelous solution to comfort them. West Lovers Dental has a membership plan set up for any patient of ours that are not covered through insurance. It saves our patients a vast amount of money that they would have otherwise spent on their oral health for the same thing! Our plan that we offer has a very low annual fee, and can help you save up to 75% depending on the treatment you require.

About the plan

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★★★★★ Dr. Countryman came to see my son in for a little work just before leaving town. No-hassle and amazing service the staff gives to their patients at this dental office. The experience was great overall and I would recommend checking them out.
Henry Atkinson


★★★★★ I went to this dental office for an examination done by Dr. Countryman and it went better than my other exams at different offices. He genuinely cared about my oral hygiene and gave me information on how to improve my smile right at home!
Jackie Coover


★★★★★ I was experiencing sharp pains in my tooth and I was able to get an emergency dental appointment without worrying about dealing with the pain for a longer time period. Dr. Countryman paid attention to my concerns, did a detailed check-up, and gave me a solution to my toothache.
Leonard Belcher


★★★★★ Dr. Countryman is a helpful and lovely dentist. He makes sure all his patients are satisfied with their dental procedures and makes sure the job is done correctly.
Thomas Foust


★★★★★ I have gone to a lot of dental offices in my days, however, now I never have to go to another dentist because of Dr. Countryman. He is an excellent dentist and I don't care if I have to drive a little longer to visit him, I will drive many miles to have Dr. Countryman as my dentist.
Lenny Gackle


★★★★★ I first visited West Lovers Dental for my consultation appointment with Dr Bryan Countryman, and I have to admit he is the best doctor I have visited. Dr. Countryman is a popular and admired dentist, so I knew I was in great hands.
Charlene Parmley

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Our goal is to be able to make the people of Dallas enjoy and walk around confidently with their smile and teeth. We love seeing our patients smiles change and improve so they can have beautiful teeth. Our staff here is dedicated to serve all our patients with the leading dental care and service around. We encourage you to look around our smile gallery to witness some of our patients that we improved their smiles and brought them great teeth.